What are you Deprived of?

What are you Deprived of? I am sure, you have a list of things.

Placeholder ImageNo one is truly happy with what one has.But the question which arises is what is that which doesn’t make a person happy?

I would say it would be a feeling of deprivation. A poor might feel deprived of the riches of the world, while a child would want to grow up fast at the same time an adult is wishing to relive those childhood days.

As a kid i would always admire the lavish cars my fellow mates would arrive to school in. I would always admire the “IT GIRL/BOY” of the school. But looking back today i realize, i had something those kids didn’t have which i realize today. I wasted most of my childhood admiring people rather than being happy with what i had and truly enjoying it. 

One of my closest friends had everything in her life as one would say, and might even assume that she is the luckiest person but not many knew that she was fighting with cancer, Neuroblastoma Cancer. As it’s said, the grass is greener the other side.But why can’t we try to make our side better and also view it with pride.

photocom 081Stop comparing yourself with people and just try to be better than what you were yesterday. That sense of accomplishment will lead you to happiness and drive you away from the feeling of Deprivation.

Now, I would ask again “What are you deprived of?”.

Don’t stress, Do your Best. Forget the rest.