A Simple Gesture!

Have you ever wondered what you might have been without the people who are currently supporting you, helping you, accompanying you, encouraging you, inspiring you, etc?  Where you might have been if the people currently in your life wouldn’t have existed?

While sitting on a bench alone waiting for a friend I started introspecting, thinking that how with the support of my near and dear I wouldn’t stand a chance to survive. People in your life don’t necessarily have to be your friends, they can be your parents, a stranger whose story inspired you, a person whom you idolise or that special someone.

Many a times we take people in our lives so granted that their importance is realised after we lose them. We regret on things we said to them or the petty fights we had with them. Why is it that we realize a person’s importance only after his/her disappearance from our lives? 

I have many a times seen people crying over the fact that they didn’t thank the person enough to be part of his life, to be there for him in good or bad days, to motivate him, make him happy, etc.

STOP, everything you are doing and thank people in your life to be there for you, to have motivated you, inspired you, for making you happy, for pushing you further, for helping you in any form. If you aren’t good at communicating then thank them through small gestures like take them out for a treat, help them in their chores or just spend some quality time with them.

You don’t know what will happen in the future but make sure they know that they matter to you, right now

Better Late than Never.

Go thank them already!


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