New Year, New Me!! 

Comes another year which brings a new set of resolutions with the attitude of “New Year, New Hopes”. 

I too like most of the people was expecting change and had my heart filled with hope, jumping up and down with excitement with this whole pleasant aura of the new year. 

But it’s not even two weeks yet and I have already started giving up on this year. Why? Was it because I was expecting too much change? Or was it because I was blinded by hope and excitement that took me away from the reality? 

No, it was because I was expecting change externally. I wanted situations, challenges and problems around me to just disappear with a wave of a wand. But such things are beyond one’s control. Problems, challenges, ups and downs these things keep coming and going. You can’t control their arrival or departure. 

With my 2016 being quite rough, I learnt many life lessons. I had my days of ups and downs, despair, grief, depression and failure. It wasn’t that I only I had bad days, some days were good as well. 

But the year had set really high expectations and hopes for 2017. But, this time I have decided to bring change internally. The fire of “New Year, New Me” has been ignited, and the first resolution I shall make is of never giving up. 

Bad times shall come and go but the fire to keep fighting and to keep moving on should never die. Cause it’s within these times, when you realise who your true friends are and how strong you actually can be. 


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Me!! 

  1. Mita says:

    So True Priyal. We don’t have control over external & expectations from what cannot be controlled will always lead to disappointments.
    Loved how you started with a Negative tone & Found a positive solution of brining change within.
    World definitely will be a better place if we practice what we preach.
    Our thoughts speech & actions are in Sync.
    Keep it up, love to read your blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

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