Having A Bad Day? 

Do you have those kinda days when everything is going wrong? When everything around you is tumbling down? 

Like you reached late to work, had a bad lunch, forgot your wallet or heard an earful from your boss, or maybe someone bailed on your plans or you just had a bad hair day. 

It’s okay, Take a deep breath! 

Breath in……. Hold…….. Breath Out

Now go ahead and call up a friend and rant all about your day, let it all out, crib all you want cause that just won’t help you but also your friend will feel good to hear from you unless he owes money to you. 😛

Because that’s how friendships are supposed to work, no matter how far you guys are or no matter how long it’s been since you guys last spoke true friends will always have your back. They are the ones to help you sail through all kinds of storms and help you Cherish your journey. They will believe in you when the world has already given up, their help is just one call away and all the time spent with them is like a precious treasure you will never want to give up. 

Yes, it’s true that in the end it’s you who has to fight the battles but a true friend is like the Red Bull for those All-nighters you pull. They help you keep going on. 


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