A Note to Myself! 

I’m stronger because I had to be,

I’m smarter because of my mistakes, 

Happier because of the sadness I have known and, 

Now wiser because I learned.

A note to myself, 

Where the things end, where people give up on you, where you start losing hope that’s where you will find me, picking up the pieces, fighting cause we ain’t made to Quit. 

We were never taught to quit, but only to keep fighting even when we are tired, exhausted, drained cause all we know and will ever do is get up, resist and fight back even harder. Cause we are all made the same way, just trained differently. 

We were never taught to be frightened by a tiger rather to look in his eyes and fight fearlessly even though it is much stronger, mightier and powerful than us. All though I ain’t denying that I might  let out a shriek on seeing a lizard. 

Being a girl, we are usually taught and told to wait for our prince charming to save us from the clutches of a Dragon. But we weren’t raised that way. Cause:

I am the writer of my story, who doesnt need a hero to be saved from the dragons cause I  know how to fight them all

So, break all norms you want. Cause I am with you no matter what. With you, in your happiest moments, in your saddest of the times and most tough ones as well. And always remember; to be only afraid of one person : Yourself. 


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